Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Treasure Trunk

Hi Bloomies!  I thought you might be interested in the latest piece of furniture that we re-designed.  It's called the Treasure Trunk.  Holy moly.  This trunk is certainly a treasure to behold.  It is OLD. Very, very old.  It is actually a tool chest from the late 1800s.  Feeling inspired by the circus (as usual), DIFY decided to stay true to its age, but splashed it with a bit of circusy mint, blue and orange, in hopes that maybe a circus elephant with a bejeweled headpiece will pop out…or a mini pony…we’d take either! We also put wheels on it for easy moving - elephants and mini ponies can be heavy sometimes…luckily someone who is involved in the circus ended up wanting to buy it!  Here's hoping for the ponies...checkout our other furniture at!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Introducing....DIFY {Do It For You!}

Bloomers! I know it's been a while. That's because we have been busy doing a few other things, in addition to Joelle and Shayna raising babies!   The creators of inBloom have opened a company specializing in furniture re-design and home staging!   So, you can get your fill of more yummy stuff :)  Check out our new website:   You can find all the yummy furnitures that we've fixed up so far, so that you no longer have to find mass-produced furniture that needs to be screwed together every month :)  Let us know what you think of the line so far!  Available for purchase through Etsy (or an email of course).  We can do custom pieces as well, and we are also offering Home Staging (though, no hoarder houses!) You can follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (, and Pinterest (pinterest.difydesign) too! Phew that's a lot of a lot!  I hope you all enjoy :) Feedback please.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

elle macpherson's beauty house

Is this beautiful or what?  no, i mean her house. but she's beautiful too! and has cool clothes. oh to be elle with her beachy hair too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

nerdy science party - finally!

 happy terbium day to dad bloomer!!! 

 test tube tim bit cake pops!!  holy moly a huge hit with the kidders

 nerd glasses, nerd watches and t-shirt lab coats for the kidders too

 stain on the table cloth :)  definitely deliberate :P

 the set up again! apple ipad for his gifty...

 I think I would trust Dr. Sage Bloomer!

De-Contamination Zone

 still can't get over dr. sage!!!!

 Noameo REFUSES to put his glasses or labcoat on...REFUSES!!!

 but luckily he LOVED running through the de-contamination zone

another cute lil nerdy doctor!!

 dr. thomas looks a little uncertain!!

 and here he is in all all his sciencey nerdy glory!!  Happy "Terbium" Day, Dad Bloomer!

Well, we've wanted to do it for AGES.  And never had the right moment. Until our father, Dad Bloomer, had a milestone birthday!  And in honour of his pursuit of science over the last 40 years (to which he has contributed significantly, might I add!, we threw him a teeny weeny little nerdy science birthday, including nerd costumes for the kidders (oh and maybe the adults too...) and test tube cake pops!! 'Twas great fun if I do say so myself - especially seeing the kids in their super nerd outfits - even if they only kept them on for 2 minutes!

Friday, June 22, 2012

cute little owl dude

Look what I scored at Walmart in the Clearance section!  Cute lil owl dude :)  Under $10, I couldn't help myself...whoot whoot (hee, get it?)!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Finley - The Littlest Bloomer!

 The new generation of Bloomers...Joelle Bloomer with her babies, Sage and brand new baby sister Finley.

 Beautiful serene Finley.

 Someone's having a good dream!!

I'm so proud to announce that I'm an Aunty again!  Joelle Bloomer and Petie had a new little creation, Finley Violet. She is GORGEOUS! Just like her older sister, Sage.  Sigh.  This little one makes my world go 'round yet again!  She's so beautiful. Thought I'd share my latest inspiration :)   {photography by Joelle Segal @}

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kauai, Hawaii - My Top 10 Inspiring Moments

I swear this is NOT a travel blog! I just went on a few trips over the last few months :) I won't draw this one out, don't worry. I'll show you my fav spots of Kauai, Hawaii from my trip a few weeks ago. Then back to decor, promisies!

1. I took a helicopter ride over the Napali was MESMERIZING. Seriously, the landscape, the mountains, the beaches, the blue water - definitely the highlight of my trip.
2. Again, look how cool it looks from above! I just want to lick it, it's so yummy. I was in a helicopter so some of the shots are a bit distorted :)

3. There were so many cool waterfalls, but thought I'd show you the Jurassic Park palls! Again, a bit wonky because I was in a helicopter, but it did sort of give it a neat Jurassic Parky creepy effect.

4. Was a bit obsessed with the Hanaeli Pier too. Think it was in a movie as well. I loved this beach. This is where George Clooney lived in the movie, The Descendants.

5. Waimea Canyon from the helicopter (I felt a bit motion sick in there, but I still really loved it!, and no, I didn't puke)

6. Ke'e Beach, the most northern beach in Kauai, just where the long hiking trail into the mountains begins. It was very beautiful here...looked just like Lost! I could feel this crazy sort of energy. Also peeks around to the Napali Coast. I could look at the coastline forever.

7. The surf was so turquoise, it was unbelievable! Put a lei in the ocean for my mother because the seafoam reminded me of my mommy bloomer :) I put one in the ocean for my friend's friend, who passed away in Hawaii, too.
8. Grassy mountain in Limahuli Gardens, which preserved the old Hawaiian agricultural land from the early 1800s, and also displayed some native plants/trees, but also non-native trees from the age of Polynesian explorer, Captain Cook (I'm a nerd).

9. In Poipu Beach, right beside the Spouting Horn (which thoroughly perplexed me). Every time I said Poipu, I thought of the word "pupik" which is Yiddish for belly button, hee. Shayna Bloomer says it to Noameo all the time.

10. Just loved the landscape...the farmland with horsies on it, then trees, then jungley mountains. This was taken in Poipu.

Monday, February 27, 2012

san fran inspiration ... japanese garden

This Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park was sublime. Just perfect. Love the round "Dr. Seuss" trees as my cousin calls them. The bridge is entirely made of wood too if you can believe it...

Friday, February 24, 2012

more san fran inspiration...redwoods!

How beautiful are redwood trees? So so so tall, it's breathtaking. And they smell good too. I got to see a ton in Muir Woods, after crossing the Golden Gate bridgey.

And look what I found when I biked around Angel Island?! A beautiful little friendly. We stared at eachother for a while.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

leaving on a jet plane

Going on a soul searchin' journey to Kauai, Hawaii for 2 weeks, Bloomers. This Bloomer's soul needs a serious rest! But then I realized I got so carried away with my house sale pictures, that I forgot to post the rest of my inspirations from San Francisco way back in first soul searching trip in a series it seems. Ok, I wanna show you! I'll post for the next few days, and then then maybe I'll have some inspiration from Kauai when I get back! These paper flowers I saw in a window of a jewellery store in San Fran - so pretty. Reminded me of Lynn Bloomer and all the paper flowers she made for Amy's cool funky wedding :)